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Recycled, Recyclable or Renewable Labels/Tags/Strings

den 28 november 2022

Rudholm is a specialist for designing and printing custom clothing labels including care labels, composition labels, size labels, brand labels, name labels, barcode labels or a combination of these for the garment/textile industry.

Logos with you, from idea to reality

den 21 november 2022

Bamatex - the perfect print for the right solution

Rudholm partners with Renewable, Traceable Performance Wool

den 14 november 2022

Renewable, Traceable Performance Wool

Eco friendly E-Commerce Packaging

den 7 november 2022

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Rudholm Group - Your Local Global Supplier

den 31 oktober 2022

Rudholm operate in 21 countries with TEN production hubs. They are an innovative leader in eco-friendly textile labels, along with the state-of-the-art digital and logistic solutions for the textile and garment industry. 

Performance Meets sustainability with ECOSPORT

den 24 oktober 2022

RH’s Eco Sport 2021 fuses high performance garment accessories with sustainability.

Woven labels made from recycled yarn - GRS and Oeko-Tex cert

den 17 oktober 2022

Rudholm Group is a specialist producer of labels for the garment industry. As we care about producing greener products, our woven labels are available in up to 100% Recycled woven yarn.

Eco Strings and FSC® Hang Tag

den 10 oktober 2022

Rudholm Group's new Eco Strings and FSC guide for environmentally friendly hang tags.

Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified Cotton Care Label

den 3 oktober 2022

Cradle to Cradle Certification provides a transparent validation of a manufacturer’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and to their communities. Product design, manufacturing facilities, and processes must meet or exceed a series of standards.

Rudholm Group - Scandinavian & UK Distributor of 3M™ Carbon

den 26 september 2022

Rudholm is the Scandinavian & UK distributor of 3M™ Carbon Black Stretch Transfer Film.

Environmentally friendly Bluesign® heat transfers

den 19 september 2022

Rudholm Group can produce and deliver bluesign® certified Heat Transfers. These heat transfers are formulated to meet all wash test requirements. Suitable for stretch fabric, high wash for workwear and water repellent fabric.

Rudholm Group reducing GHG’s globally

den 12 september 2022

Rudholm Group (RH) are a founding member of the Swedish Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA) – to reduce GHGs by 2050. Rudholm plans and takes actions to reduce our GHG emissions globally.

Sustainable Eco RFID Tags

den 5 september 2022

Sustainable ECO RFID tags pass industry tests for recyclability and biodegradability. ECO RFID tags are printed on renewable paper, without plastic layers and harmful chemicals and can be recycled together with the hang tags

Sustainable Jeans with Eco Denim Accessories

den 29 augusti 2022

Rudholm Group Sustainable Denim Garment accessories range is making jeans more eco-friendly.

Episode 4 Digital Identity and Marketing

den 22 augusti 2022

ShareLabel is a marketing tool. It can be used to collect global data, point-of-sale integration, offers/tickets/events, for reviews, how to upcycle, where to repair garments, questionnaires, surveys etc.

Episode 3 Digital Identity and Transparency

den 15 augusti 2022

Transparency helps you build your brand and online presence. The ShareLabel platform is a direct- to- consumer channel that lets you tell your unique story about where, when, and how specific pieces are made through videos, text, and/or images.

Episode 2 Digital Identity and Authenticity

den 8 augusti 2022

Using the ShareLabel platform, each item can be physically authenticated using a share label with an NFC tag or QR code, much like the passport number. Customers can be assured that the items they purchase are real and of high quality.

Episode 1 Digital Identity and Integration

den 1 augusti 2022

Developed by the Rudholm Group, the ShareLabel platform provides garment authenticity and identity of a product using a share label with either a QR code or a NFC chip.

Digital Identity For Your Garment - a four part series

den 25 juli 2022

The Rudholm Group will present a four part series on Digital Identity, explaining how QR codes and NFC chips on clothing give your products a unique identity.

Who is the Rudholm Group?

den 18 juli 2022

Rudholm Group has grown from a family business to a global leader, operating in 22 countries...

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