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SmiLe Incubator

SmiLe Incubator is a non-profit business incubator for life science startups.

Our vision is to enable a future of better health by nurturing a community of passionate life science innovators.

That is realized by offering our life science entrepreneurs with advanced coaching programs, well-equipped labs with state-of-the art instruments, a large international network of industry partners and investors, and a community of world-class life science innovators.

We do not take equity in the companies we support. Working on a no-equity, non-profit basis enables us to build a neutral platform for launching health innovation into the world.

Life science startups can develop their business for 2-4 of years in SmiLe´s Incubator Program, and if they are at an early stage, they can join our 2-month intensive Bootcamp Program.  For those who aspire to become entrepreneurs, we offer e-Campus,  an 8 week flexible e-learning program to help them kick off their life science potential.

Fakta om SmiLe Incubator

SmiLe Incubator
Medicon Village,
Scheeletorget 1

223 81 Lund

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Telefon: +46 070-8355670

VAT nummer: SE5568273550

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