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New FTIR microscope from Thermo Fisher

See it fast. Identify it faster.

The Nicolet RaptIR FTIR Microscope is designed with precision and speed in mind to allow you to generate high quality results far faster than other systems. It offers high resolution imaging, can work with a wide range of samples, and uses our powerful OMNIC Paradigm software with a new user interface to automate data collection and analysis.

 The key features of the system are: 

  • High resolution
  • Fast analysis
  • Software enables productivity
  • Ability to work with large samples

The Nicolet RaptIR Microscope is coupled to your Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer to create an even more powerful system. The combined system provides a broader array of capabilities, including FT-Raman, TGA-IR, NIR, far-infrared, and diamond ATR, for addressing complex analytical challenges.

Contact: richard.arbus@gammadata.se

Gammadata Instrument AB
Vallongatan 1
750 02 Uppsala
Uppsala kommun
VAT nummer: SE5562963503



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