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In this section You can read our columns, news and other articles that we publish in English. Once a year Life Science Sweden also publish an international issue of our printed magazine in English with an extended circulation in the Nordic countries.

Swedish pavilion with healthcare companies at Ukraine fair – “Ukraine is being rebuilt right now”

Gothenburg, the city of life science – We are ‘Little Boston’

Ranking: Top 10 highest-paid CEOs in pharma

Danish obesity success causes recruitment problems in southern Sweden
EMA review confirms a risk of new cancer after CAR-T
Bio Europe to Stockholm – ”The Swedish ecosystem is now taking the opportunity”
Setback for pharmaceutical companies in the Zantac case

Sofia Wallström is Lif's new CEO

“Conducting research at universities is becoming more and more like working at a research hotel”

Samuel Lagercrantz: “Companies that do this successfully will take the lead”
Bayer has cut 1,500 roles – so far
Carl Borrebaeck – professor and serial entrepreneur with a taste for speed
Forskaren in Hagastaden now inagurated
Astra Zeneca's Covid-19 vaccine Vaxzevria is being withdrawn worldwide
Japanese pharma to buy US drugmaker for $2.4 bln
Ancient DNA provides new insights – “The immune system lost its job”

KI’s freezer fiasco investigated: A chain of failures

List: The coolest names in biotech

Nocebo – the evil twin that makes you feel worse

The Covid pandemic accelerated the development of cancer vaccine
Study: Popular diabetes treatment is not associated with thyroid cancer
Assignment: Facilitate the retention of foreign researchers
Beta-blockers are often given unnecessarily, a study finds – “This will affect future practice”
Recipharm divests five Swedish plants
Settlement of cancer allegations against blockbuster drug
Radioactive tracer to measure effect of drug towards Crohn’s disease
Jan Holmgren to receive award for the development of cholera vaccine
The life science strategy – what the industry wants
”We need compatibility“
Anna Törner: ”Orphan Designation – the "petite robe noire" of drug development”
Specific proposals and targets top the universities’ desired priorities
Venom from the deathstalker carries radiopharmaceuticals to the brain
“Life science is important on a personal level”
Samuel Lagercrantz: ”Will the Swedish life science strategy be updated with precision?”
“What is important is to create an overview and understanding from different perspectives”
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