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In this section You can read our columns, news and other articles that we publish in English. Once a year Life Science Sweden also publish an international issue of our printed magazine in English with an extended circulation in the Nordic countries.

Vinnova is going to establish a new innovation cluster

Meeting with focus on South Korea and Japan’s life sciences

Major advances in IVF labs in the last few decades

“I am driven by the desire to develop a product that can be sold worldwide”
Column: ”Cheating with pea flowers and does it matter whether you are right?”
The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare rejects prioritising andrology as a speciality
“An entire industry is about to be wiped out”

How critical are the “Spermageddon” reports? – Researchers call for action

Column: ”Life as a F1 race”

New issue of Life Science Sweden!

Editorial: ”AI that both impresses and frightens”
Hello Jenni Nordborg!
A surprising discovery about the immune system in cases of cancer
Rapid development in blood analysis – “Sweden is leading the race”
Column: ”Authentic leadership and clear mandates pave the way for more female CEOs”
Individual DNA passport could result in fewer drug side effects
Claims of life science companies fleeing abroad is a myth according to survey
Precision medicine centre: “Extensive activity on several fronts”

Column: ”We need to exploit the benefits of the regulations“

The government proposes fines for pharmaceutical companies that fail to notify drug shortages in time

He saved lives with his theories – was ostracised and ended up in a mental hospital

"Unclear proposal from the EU Commission on how to solve the MDR challenges"
The new Astra Zeneca CEO: “An incredibly exciting phase”
Sweden is organising a large life science conference as part of the EU presidency
“Everyone is screaming for talent”
ALS – When the body has given up, but the brain persists
“Photon counting in computed tomography is the holy grail”
Great Swedish innovations: Eye treatment became a feather in Pharmacia’s cap
New study: Post-Covid symptoms are common even after mild Covid-19
She creates pharmaceuticals on a 3D printer
The stomach medication that became the biggest blockbuster of the 1990s
The most important Swedish medical innovations: Our ranking
“We are Europe’s hotspot in life science”
He is zooming in on topical preparations
Swedish breakthrough in Alzheimer’s: “We can finally present great data”
Neanderthal genes and Nobel Prize in a popular lecture at Bioscience
"Are we doing business the wrong way around in the Life Science Sector?"
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