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In this section You can read our columns, news and other articles that we publish in English. Once a year Life Science Sweden also publish an international issue of our printed magazine in English with an extended circulation in the Nordic countries.

This is the future location of the new national innovation cluster

Rapid developments in AI – “All stakeholders are struggling to understand it”

Study: Semaglutide tablet produces weight loss

Norwegian company wins bidding battle for Sensidose
Samuel Lagercrantz: The government’s performance in healthcare and life sciences so far
Swedish and Ukrainian Medical Product Agencies sign an agreement
The first Lyme disease vaccine faces a delay

A new malaria vaccine offers hope but much more research is still needed

Study: Chat GPT is more empathetic than doctors

Looking for greater Nordic cooperation – “We have Norway and Finland in our sights”

New report: Fewer PhDs in life sciences
Confidence in childhood vaccines is in decline worldwide
Uncertainty about the government’s life science work
Pfizer’s record year – topped the $100 billion mark
He got inside the head of Sweden’s vaccine hunter
New diagnostic rules raise concerns
New drug alert in the US: Rise in overdoses linked to the use of drugs for animals
Elypta awarded one million USD from the Star Trek creator’s foundation

Conference on Alzheimer’s reveals several advances in the field

The impact of the recession on the Swedish medtech sector

He will be the new chair of Medicon Valley Alliance

Vinnova is going to establish a new innovation cluster
Meeting with focus on South Korea and Japan’s life sciences
Major advances in IVF labs in the last few decades
“I am driven by the desire to develop a product that can be sold worldwide”
Column: ”Cheating with pea flowers and does it matter whether you are right?”
The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare rejects prioritising andrology as a speciality
“An entire industry is about to be wiped out”
How critical are the “Spermageddon” reports? – Researchers call for action
Column: ”Life as a F1 race”
New issue of Life Science Sweden!
Editorial: ”AI that both impresses and frightens”
Hello Jenni Nordborg!
A surprising discovery about the immune system in cases of cancer
Rapid development in blood analysis – “Sweden is leading the race”
Column: ”Authentic leadership and clear mandates pave the way for more female CEOs”
Individual DNA passport could result in fewer drug side effects
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