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Comprehensive Solutions for In Vitro Efficacy Evaluation

In Vitro Bioassay Services and Products

The bioactivity of mAbs is often confirmed by rigorous efficacy and potency testing. This is an essential part of the antibody drug evaluation system, which plays an important role in determining the mechanism of action (MOA) of drugs, and provides a foundation for preparing investigational new drug (IND) applications.

Owing to the importance of in vitro screening and target validation during the early stages of antibody discovery, Sino Biological has established in vitro activity assay platforms to streamline antibody drug development projects. To fulfill diverse testing needs, Sino Biological provides various reagents and extensive in vitro efficacy evaluation services, including target proteins, protein antigen expression services, control antibody production service, cytokines, ELISA kit development service, cell line development service, negative controls, and GFPSpark® expression vectors.

Learn more about Sino Biological's comprehensive solutions for in vitro efficacy evaluation.

Our Service Highlights:

Serving Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies Worldwide

  • Extensive experience, well-established and reliable methodology

Professional and Standardized

  • ISO 9001 & CNAS certified, robust quality management system

One-stop Services

  • Comprehensive services and reagents, multi-dimensional efficacy evaluation system

Integrated In Vitro Efficacy Evaluation Services:

•     Complement-Dependent Cytotoxicity Assay Service (CDC Assay Service)

•     Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Assay Service (ADE Assay Service)

•     Antibody Internalization Assay Service

•     Antibody-Binding Activity Assay Service

•     Neutralizing/Blocking Antibody Validation Service

•     SPR/BLI Affinity Assay Services

•     Apoptosis Assay Services

•     Cell Proliferation Inhibition Assay Service

•     Cytokine Assay Services

•     Mixed Lymphocyte Response Assay Service (MLR Assay Service)


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