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Cytokines for iPSC Research

iPSCs hold vast potential in regenerative medicine, disease modeling, drug testing, and innovative cell/gene therapies. Cytokines are essential components for differentiating human iPSCs into various cell lineages. As a global leading supplier of high-quality recombinant cytokines, Sino Biological provides a comprehensive range of cytokines to support the rapid development of iPSC research.

Featured Cytokines for iPSC Research
To support iPSC research, Sino Biological has lauched a comprehensive colleciton of cytokines, inculding GM-CSF, Activin A, DLL4, NOG, TNF-α, TGF-β, IL-2, VEGF, FGF, IL-1β, EGF, OSM, SCF, and more. These high-quality cytokines have been validated by HPLC for high purity and have been verified for activity. As indicated by citations in top-tier journals, these products have been trusted by users.

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More Featured Cytokines
High-quality Cytokines
Organoid Culture Cytokines
GMP Grade Cytokines

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