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Best-in-class Growth Factors for Organoid Culture

Highly Cited in Top-tier Journals

Different cytokine combinations are introduced into the organoid media to obtain the desired organoids. These combinations modulate signaling pathways involved in organoid formation based on the cell source and the final differentiation type. For example, Wnt is one of the most commonly used cytokines to create and culture organoids because Wnt signaling helps kickstart the formation of organoids. BMP signaling guides their pattern, and FGF signaling promotes the growth of stem cells within them. Other growth factors like EGF, Noggin (NOG), R-spondin (RSPO1), and HGF are other critical components of organoid media. The required mixture of these growth factors depends on the source of the target cells and the developmental pathways involved.

Sino Biological offers a comprehensive panel of growth factors characterized by validated bioactivity, batch-to-batch consistency, and purity. These factors play a pivotal role in ensuring optimal and consistent organoid growth. Our products have gained marketwide recognition for quality and performance, validated by numerous organoid platforms used by our clients.

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