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High-quality Recombinant Cytokines for Brain Organoid Culture

3D brain organoids have emerged as a promising model for studying neurodegenerative diseases. Cytokines play a critical role in brain organoid cultures. For example, FGF2, EGF, Noggin/NOG, and BMP4 have been used to direct cell differentiation along specific organ lineages.

Sino Biological has developed a comprehensive range of bioactive recombinant cytokines such as EGF, Noggin/NOG, BMP4, FGF2, FGF8, FGF19, and SDF1 for use in brain organoid culture, supporting research on neurodegenerative diseases. These cytokines combine high purity, high bioactivity, and high batch-to-batch consistency with broad coverage of species and tags, and are highly cited in reputable journals. Moreover, antibodies related to brain organoid culture are also available with a variety of applications, such as ELISA, IHC-P, ICC/IF, FCM, WB, and IP.

Learn more about cytokines for brain organoid culture.

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