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Croda Pharma wins ‘Best Production/Process Development’ Award

Croda Pharma has been awarded winner of 17th annual Vaccine Industry Excellence awards, for its process development for innovative ingredients, including its production of sustainably sourced Squalene to replace shark-derived squalene for the vaccine industry.

The company was awarded the ‘Best Production/Process Development award’ at the
17th Annual ViE Awards 2024. The awards, which celebrate the industry’s most outstanding
achievements and contributions to vaccines, recognized Croda Pharma for its process
development for sustainably sourced and highly purified Squalene. A process which has
unlocked a more sustainable alternative to shark-derived squalene, at the purity level
required for vaccines.

This comes closely after Croda announced a key partnership with Amyris, a leading
synthetic biotechnology company, to develop and supply sustainably sourced Squalene for
vaccines, addressing a key industry challenge in the journey to more sustainable vaccines.
Laura Ciccardi, Global Business Development Manager, accepted the award on behalf of
Croda, alongside Dr. Dennis Christensen, Head of Global Research and Development –
Adjuvant Systems and Dr. Rasmus Münter, Lead Research Scientist – Adjuvant Systems.
Commenting, Laura Ciccardi said: “It is a great recognition of all our efforts to make
sustainable and innovative adjuvant systems available to the world. I am very proud we have
received this award”.

Dennis Christensen also added: “We have unlocked a yeast-based, sustainably sourced
Squalene of superior quality ≥99% pure, that carries the same benefits as shark-derived
squalene. Our Squalene can be used in novel vaccine adjuvant systems applicable in many
important vaccines against diseases such as seasonal and pandemic influenza,
tuberculosis, shingles, schistosomiasis, HIV, and other vaccine preventable diseases.”

Croda’s most recent partnerships include a new partnership with AAHI, The Access to
Advanced Health Institute, to provide access to novel adjuvant systems. It has also
collaborated with BSI, Botanical Solutions Inc, to add another cutting-edge technology to its
portfolio, providing QS 21 from sustainable raw material sources and to secure consistent
and reliable supply of saponins for lifesaving vaccines. Both partnerships underline Croda’s
commitment to develop and market sustainable vaccine adjuvant components and systems.
The awards show, hosted alongside the World Vaccines Congress in Washington, USA, also
recognised achievements from GSK, Pfizer and Moderna in other categories for the awards.

Croda’s Pharma business is a leading partner for the development of excipients and the
supply of high purity materials for pharmaceutical formulations, committed to enabling the
next generation of drug delivery systems. The business is focused on empowering biologics
drug delivery, through its adjuvant systems, small molecule, protein, and nucleic acid
delivery platforms. With a wide range of solutions for both human and animal health markets,
our pharmaceutical portfolio is unsurpassed in its excellence for drug and vaccine delivery.
Croda’s products, along with its in-house formulation and regulatory expertise, allow the
company to meet its customers most demanding formulation needs.
To learn more visit www.crodapharma.com

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