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ZEISS Microscope has been Optimized for Capturing Subcellular Structures and their Dynamics

Live imaging with uniform super-resolution in all spatial dimensions.

ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 has been optimized for capturing subcellular structures and their dynamics. Powered by the Lattice SIM technology and the SIM² image reconstruction algorithm, ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 provides you with outstanding super-resolution capabilities down to 60 nm in both living and fixed cells. Additionally, you can choose SIM Apotome imaging mode and a low-magnification objective to achieve fast overview images of your sample before zooming into super-resolution details.​

Capture Dynamic Processes and Finest Subcellular Structures​
Equipped with the ZEISS Lattice SIM illumination pattern and the SIM² image reconstruction algorithm, ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 raises structured illumination microscopy (SIM) to a new level. You will always achieve the best possible results, even when using lower light exposures to protect living specimens. Double the conventional SIM resolution and discriminate the finest subcellular structures that are no more than 60 nm apart. The light-efficient Lattice SIM technology provides the gentlest imaging of living and fixed specimens, giving you not only double spatial resolution compared to classic SIM, but also high temporal resolution with up to 255 fps.​

Optimize to the Needs of Living Samples​
The flexibility of ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 allows you to balance the needs of your experiment by prioritizing resolution, speed, or by finding the right balance in between. Use the photon budget to enhance lateral resolution well below 100 nm or reduce the number of required raw images to boost acquisition speed and gentleness. ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 has a number of options for reducing raw images which allows you to select for the best acquisition settings that target your desired spatial and temporal resolution.​

Get More Reliable Experiment Results​
ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 comes with outstanding out-of-focus light suppression, giving you the sharpest sectioning in widefield microscopy, even for highly scattering samples. The SIM² image reconstruction uses a special SIM point spread function to robustly reconstruct all structured-illumination-based acquisition data of your ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 with minimal image artifacts – for both living and fixed samples. Rest assured knowing that you are basing your experimental conclusions on reproducible data generated from a powerful and proven algorithm.​

ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 and ZEISS arivis Hub

You can connect ZEISS Lattice SIM 5 with ZEISS arivis Hub.  arivis Hub enables design and execution of large-scale experiments that produce results from images, whether datasets are already stored or are actively being produced. Mass quantities of microscopy data are onboarded and processed by a virtual team of computational workers. Smartly utilize processing cores in servers or workstations with maximum possible speed.

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