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Recombinant Membrane Protein Expression Service by VLP Platform

Membrane proteins play a vital role in cellular activities, so much so that their abnormal function is related to many human diseases. In addition, membrane protein production is challenging due to factors such as low expression, difficult preparation, and poor stability.

Sino Biological provides custom membrane protein service through virus-like particle (VLP) technology platform based on the HEK293 expression system. This platform displays the target membrane protein on the VLP surface, allowing its detection as a normal protein. Utilizing this platform, Sino Biological has developed various full-length transmembrane proteins such as GPRC5D, Claudin 6, Claudin 18, and SSTR2. The activity of these membrane proteins has been verified. 

Click here for more high-quality VLP-based membrane proteins.

Learn more about the recombinant membrane protein expression service by VLP platform.

Our Service Highlights:

  • High Speed: As fast as 3–4 weeks to get deliverables
  • Great Bioactivity: Expression in HEK293 cells, similar to the native structure
  • Various Applications: Immunization, ELISA, SPR/BLI, PK/PD, etc.

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