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High-quality Cytokine Target Proteins

Cytokines are a class of proteins with multiple effects, which can be secreted by many types of cells, and play an important role in regulating immune response.

Cytokines can not only maintain physiological homeostasis, but also participate in the regulation of diseases, especially cancer and immune diseases. Cytokines and their receptors show great potential in tumor immunotherapy, and many cytokines have been identified as targets for cancer drug development. Various cytokine-targeting drugs have been approved for the treatment of cancer, and more new cytokine drugs have entered clinical trials.

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Named “Growth Factor Supplier to Watch in 2024” by CiteAb, Sino Biological offers a series of high-quality cytokines and receptors available in various species, including human, rat, mouse, and more. Additionally, Sino Biological has developed a series of cytokine-related antibodies, ELISA kits, genes, etc. Our products have undergone strict quality control, supporting cytokine-targeting drug development needs and accelerating scientific discoveries.

Recombinant Cytokines Product Features

  • High purity: purity >95% (SDS-PAGE, SEC-HPLC, MALS assay)
  • High bioactivity: cellular activity and binding activity verified by ELISA and SPR/BLI
  • High stability, high lot-to-lot consistency
  • Vast selection: 800+ cytokine products (20+ GMP-grade)
  • Quality control: ISO 9001/ISO 13485/GMP quality systems
Sino Biological Europe GmbH
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Sino Biological Europe GmbH

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