Elypta awarded one million USD from the Star Trek creator’s foundation

Swedish company Elypta, which develops methods for early cancer detection, has been awarded one million USD from an unexpected source: a foundation set up in memory of the creator of Star Trek.

“To boldly go where no man has gone before.” This is the mission of the spaceship USS Enterprise as described in the intro to the classic space series Star Trek, created by Gene Roddenberry in the mid-1960s.

A similar pioneering spirit should perhaps be attributed to Swedish diagnostics company Elypta, which was awarded the Roddenberry Grand Prize last week for “pioneering development of the first metabolism-based test for early cancer detection, promoting a paradigm shift towards earlier and more curative cancer treatment”.

The award is given every two years and is based on a belief in “the potential for scientific and technological innovation to help us live better, healthier and more productive lives while helping the planet and our environment flourish”.

The $1 million prize is awarded by the Roddenberry Foundation, a foundation established in memory of the creator of Star Trek.

“We are terribly excited about the potential for a healthier and more prosperous future that Elypta’s technology offers hope for. My father believed in a world without pain and suffering, and Elypta brings us closer to that reality through its ground-breaking cancer test,” said Rod Roddenberry, son of Gene Roddenberry, in a press release.

Candidates for the award were selected through a nomination process involving over 300 venture capitalists, investors and foundations in 18 countries. Five other finalists for the award received $100,000 each.

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