AstraZeneca moves to brewery quarters in central Copenhagen

AstraZeneca in Denmark is moving its business into central Copenhagen and the old brewery quarters in Carlsberg Byen.

Today, the company is located in Ballerup, just outside the capital, but on September 1st the operations will move into new office premises in Caroline Hus in Carlsberg Byen.

The move is described as part of the strategy to establish itself in an area that is attractive to both customers, business partners and the qualified staff the company wants to attract and retain in the future.

– We get a modern environment, are close to public transport and have a vibrant city life right outside the door. But we also get to position ourselves in a place where we can attract talent. This does not only apply to pharmaceutical talent, but also to people with skills in IT, people who can manage projects that are digital, who can build partnerships or have knowledge of sustainability, says Christof Bischoff, country manager of AstraZeneca in Denmark, in a press release.

The new premises are close to 1,000 square meters and the idea is that there will be room for a workforce that will grow – from 100 employees at the beginning of 2023 to around 140 during the next year.

The move to central Copenhagen is described as part of the movement the company has already made in other Nordic countries. In Sweden, an office was recently opened in Hagastaden, near the Karolinska University Hospital and the Karolinska Institute. In Norway, they moved in 2021 to a modern building in Løren in Oslo, and in Finland, AstraZeneca has recently moved to new premises in Eespo outside Helsinki.

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