Here are the pharmaceutical companies best prepared for AI

How well prepared are pharmaceutical companies in the field of artificial intelligence? That is what a new analysis has tried to evaluate. 

The Pharma Readiness Index is a ranking of the 50 largest pharmaceutical companies in Europe and America that are believed to be best prepared for the AI ​​revolution. At the top of the list is Roche.

To Norwegian MedWatch, Roche Norway's medical director Christian Bindesbøll says that the company uses AI to gain a better understanding of various diseases.

- It can help us find new therapeutic targets to develop drugs and diagnostic methods that we would not be able to do with more traditional methods, he tells MedWatch.

The ranking is made by CB Insight and is based on data on the companies' license and partner agreements, acquisitions, key people, product launches, and revenues.

The fact that Roche and Bayer top the list is due to their recent acquisitions, investments and patents in the AI ​​field, according to CB Insight. Based on the ranking system's three measures of talent, execution and innovation, Roche and Bayer are the only companies on the list to score five out of five in the innovation category. Among the top 10 is also Swedish-British AstraZeneca.

Top 10 companies on The Pharma Readiness Index

1. Roche

2. Bayer

3. Johnson&Johnson

4. Novartis

5. Sanofi

6. AstraZeneca

7. Amgen

8. Pfizer

9. GSK

10. Bristol Myers Squibb

Source: CB Insight

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