A new special edition and a new event in Copenhagen – This is happening at Life Science Sweden 2024

The new year brings new features for the readers of Life Science Sweden.

Welcome to a new year with Life Science Sweden! As you have noticed, we are up and running with daily updates on the site and back with our newsletters.

New developments are constantly taking place at Life Science Sweden. This year, in May, I am particularly looking forward to publishing a brand new special edition, Life Science Sweden Vetenskap.

In the magazine, we cover science in every issue, alongside industry and business news. In the special edition, however, we feature an extensive number of reports, interviews and articles on medical research and science. The special edition will, in addition to being distributed to subscribers, have an expanded production run and be available at all our events and congresses during the year from May onwards.

Naturally, we will be publishing our regular magazines as always, and first up is the international edition in English, which will be distributed in both Sweden and Denmark.

I would also like to mention another exciting news. Our New Horizons in Biologics & Bioprocessing event will be held in Denmark for the first time. As the name suggests, the event focuses on biologics and bioprocessing, and advanced therapies will now also be a permanent feature of the meeting, which will be held in Copenhagen on 28 May.

This will be Life Science Sweden’s second event held in Denmark. We already organise the annual science meeting New Updates in Drug Formulation & Bioavailbility in Copenhagen. Furthermore, I would like to recommend our other annual events, including our major industry meeting in Lund, The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science, which offers exciting news this year.

Naturally, Life Science Sweden will also be present at the major BIO-Europe congress in Stockholm in November.

Another exciting news this year is that Life Science Sweden will start offering online courses in collaboration with the course organiser Coursio and external partners. The first programme is tentatively expected to be launched in the first quarter, but we will return with more information about this.

We will continue our independent coverage of the industry and medical research in our newspapers and online. If you have suggestions on topics we should cover, please feel free to contact me or my colleagues in the editorial team.

Samuel Lagercrantz, Editor-in-Chief

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