Ozempic may benefit hip replacement surgery

The high-profile drug for type 2 diabetes and weight loss may be beneficial in other areas. One such area is for patients undergoing hip replacement surgery, a new study suggests.

People who require hip surgery for a new hip joint may have a lower risk of developing an infection and a lower risk of being readmitted to hospital when using Ozempic, which was reported by Reuters with reference to a new study.

The GLP1 analogue Ozempic, from Denmark’s Novo Nordisk, is intended for patients with type 2 diabetes and contains the active ingredient semaglutide, which is also found in the weight loss drug Wegovy.

Semaglutide reduces blood sugar levels and increases the feeling of fullness.

In the study, doctors at Maimonides Medical Center in New York analysed data from 9,465 patients with diabetes undergoing hip replacement surgery, 1,653 of whom were using Ozempic.

Those using Ozempic, with no increased risk of post-operative complications, were found to be 44% less likely to develop a hip infection. They were also found to be 32% less likely to be readmitted to hospital.

The study also found that there were no differences in medical complications or surgery costs but concludes that “the drug’s remarkable glycaemic control and weight loss may warrant pre-surgery considerations”.

Dr Matthew Magruder, who headed the study, points out that there is currently insufficient evidence to recommend semaglutide for hip surgery.

“We need high-quality, randomised, controlled trials to make a definitive recommendation,” he said in a statement.

Previous studies have indicated that Ozempic may reduce the risk of developing liver cancer and cirrhosis, as previously reported by Life Science Sweden.

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