Bring talent to those in need

Ho ho ho, Christmas time is here again. So get busy decking the halls, perhaps not with assorted greenery, but with something of a more lasting value.
Bring us

long-time research funding for those in need, political

support for those in want and, first and foremost, a

real and true job for all those gifted but unemployed.

And please, Santa, bring more women into management

and onto the boards of companies. There are so

many companies out there, in dire need for both talent,

and common sense. In this issue you can meet a couple

of Santa’s helpers, guiding very qualified women to

the top positions where they are really needed.

December is the darkest month of the year. The financial

darkness that tormented November now looms

even lower. In the last issue we wrote about life science

companies cutting down, and about several hundreds

of people about to lose their jobs. Nice gift for Christmas,

not, but worse was to follow. The downward

spiral has persisted, with more downsizing and layoffs.

And for a stock-market outsider it is not all that

easy to understand the psychological forces behind

indexes swinging wildly down, up, and then down

again, in days, or even hours. The Governments grab

for measures, for turning the tide, and to regain confidence

in both the banking systems and themselves.

The dreaded recession is here, but what will it bring?

There may be a number of good reason to take a historical

look at the financial ups and downs. Even if a down

may seem bottomless, in the long run the over-all trend

will still point upwards. Just don’t rock

the boat too much, they say. For a

supplier of qualified services a recession

may even mean good news.

When companies cut down on

staff, they may want to purchase

more from someone qualified

yet outside of their own

payroll. Who knows? So stay

tuned, we will keep you updated

with the latest news all through

the holidays, too.

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at www.biotechscandinavia.

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