Academy for a new turn at work

Are you qualified within life science, but unemployed? Here is your chance for a new career, in high demand.
"Many PhD’s are unemployed, perhaps because they are

specialized on something where there is no current

demand, on the life science labor market. We would like to offer them an alternative to enter a new kind of career, in high demand from the industry,” says Tina Persson, of Kelly Scientific Resources, one of two parties behind new Raqa, short for Regulatory and Quality Academy.

As the name suggest the focus is on Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, an area of increasing importance. The program is a joint venture from the production support company Stricent and the global recruitment company Kelly Scientific Resources. Behind RaQA there is also an extensive network with all the experience and knowledge required in these issues. Raqa has two major objectives: to find new career opportunities for unemployed academics, while solving a recruitment problem for a number of companies.

At the core of the Academy there is an expert panel of four experienced regulatory and quality assurance experts. Their task is to assist the companies joining the program, and the individuals who decide to take part in the program as a means to finding a new job.

“Many companies need qualified regulatory and quality co-workers, but it is hard to find people with the right skills. Our idea is to offer RA and QA support to small and medium sized companies, within pharmaceutical and medical device development and production. We help them to find the right person, and train this person on the job, full- or part-time, from three months up to one year,” explains Tina Persson.

Kelly Scientific will select the people joining the program, to guarantee qualifications and the right commitment. Stricent

will offer support and advice, both for the newly employed experts-to-be, and for the employing company. The expertise area put high demands of those working with it.

“To work with QA you have to be good at administration, be quite meticulous and have a good eye for detail. “It is also essential to have an understanding of the industry,”

says Anna Thorsell, of Stricent.

The first project is already up and running. A Swedish medtech company has hired one person, who will now work parttime. During the training program Stricent, Kelly and a network of advisors will offer appropriate support, both for the company in need of help, and the individual undergoing the on-the-job-training.
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