Swiss allergy therapy convinces

Cytos Biotechnology presents promising results in a study of a new therapy against allergy and asthma.
The Swiss company Cytos Biotechnology has announced new data from a double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre, phase II study with CYT003- QbG10 monotherapy. It is an immunotherapeutic product for the treatment of allergy and asthma. The study included 80 patients suffering from house-dust mite and cat allergy, of whom 52 also had allergic asthma.

The results showed that six weekly injections of CYT003-QbG10 were safe, well tolerated and reduced rhinoconjunctivitis symptoms in daily life compared to placebo. Allergy diaries served as an additional read-out parameter of this study and patients filled in diary cards about their daily nasal, conjunctival, and bronchial symptoms as well as the use of rescue medication for two consecutive weeks at different time points.

The study participants returned these diary cards for analysis after the recently completed six month follow-up visits. The average combined symptom and medication score, ACS, based on diary card records is the standard clinical parameter for the assessment of allergic disease severity and recommended by the World Allergy Organisation, WAO.
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