Bio-Linux goes global

Recently the NEBC Bio-Linux Version 5.0 was released, a one-stop shop for bioinformatics tools in a Linux context.
The NERC Environmental Bioinformatics Centre, NEBC, based at the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, has released the latest version of NEBC Bio-Linux. It is a specialised computing system designed for the environmental genomics research community. Bio-Linux is a freely available computing platform designed to provide a one-stop shop for accessing a wide range of standard and cutting-edge bioinformatics tools in a Linux context.

The growth of molecular data from the fields of genomics, metagenomics and related ‘omic disciplines calls for ever improving methods of data collection, storage and analysis. The field of bioinformatics is rich in software and fast, economical computing environments are becoming essential components of almost all research labs pursing scientific questions using these data-rich technologies.

Intended users of NEBC Bio-Linux 5.0 range from students entering the field of bioinformatics and new users of Linux to institutional teaching labs and expert computational biology groups well versed in Linux looking to use the existence of freely available customised distributions to build and maintain computational infrastructure quickly and effectively.
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