Pronova Biopharma grows

Recently, Norway's Pronova Biopharma announced the creation of new jobs in Denmark
The Norwegian pharmaceutical company Pronova Biopharma has recruited 90 staff for its plant in Kalundborg which is set to become operational in a year's time. The company broke ground for a new DKK 1.5 billion factory in the Danish port town of Kalundborg in September 2007. The new plant in Denmark will enable the company to double its current production from 1 200 tons to 2 400 tons.

Pronova Biopharma’s first commercialised omega-3 derived prescription product Omacor is a dietary adjunct for the treatment of elevated triglycerides, which are widely regarded as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, especially in the overweight. Pronova Biopharma's omega-3 products are produced from fish oil from anchovies and sardines caught in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

The siting of Pronova Biopharma's factory in the same area of the country as Novo Nordisk, Novozymes, and their network of sub-suppliers, has benefited recruitment.

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