Transatlantic cooperation for healthier food

Danish and American scientists are going to work together to find ways to fight malnutrition and life style disease like obesity in the western world.
A research alliance has been created between the universities in Aarhus, Odense, Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, DTU, and UC Davis in California. UC Davis is North America’s leading university in food- and agriculture. The Danish part of the project is coordinated by Center for advanced food studies, LMC. Denmark has been a leading nation within food research for many years, while the American researchers have been focused on how our health is affected by what we eat. By combining expertise in both fields the researchers hope to reach large synergy effects.

The formation of the consortium is a result from several years of cooperation between UC Davis and Innovation Center Denmark in Silicon Valley. Innovation Center Denmark was created in 1995 by the Danish government to build bridges between research institutions, companies and capital in Denmark and Silicon Valley.

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