Swedish multi competent machine soon launched

The Swedish company Biosensor will launch new equipment able to detect twelve different narcotics and explosives simultaneously.
The target group for these new machines are the customers who have a need for detecting many different substances quickly and with great precision.

Biosensor develops, manufactures and sells biotechnology based vapor and trace detection systems. The technology is founded on a unique, patented biotechnology system is based upon a so called Quartz Crystal Micro balance, QCM. This technology creates detection capabilities within the picogram level for both explosives and narcotics with an investigating time of less than 1 minute.

The new machine is the result of development work that has been ongoing since 2007. That’s when the company a complementary technology, which has subsequently been integrated with the company’s existing technology.

The new machine has been developed with focus on user friendliness and it is smaller and lighter to allow mobile use in, for example, cars and boats. It provides detailed information about detected substances within 35 seconds. This makes for much improved opportunities of effective detection of substance abuse in traffic and among inmates, at treatment centres and work places. It will even be possible to detect drugs such as Ice, also called Glass, and Benzodiazipines, such as Rohypnol.

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