New nanotech professor to DTU

The Danish University of Technology, DTU, has appointed Kristoffer Almdal as professor to DTU Nanotech.
Kristoffer Almdal is in particlar working within the polymerase synthesis, a technique to produce plastic materials.

He became a PhD in Polymer Chemistry in 1989 at the University of Copenhagen. After that he worked as a research associate between 1989 and1990 at the Chemical Engineering University of Minnesota and as Scientist between 1990 and 1992.

Kristoffer Almdal present research activities is wihtin composite materials, particle based nanosensors for the study of metabolism in cells, polymer degradation, and elongational rheology. His research interest further include model polymer and block copolymer melts including studies of mesophase structure, critical phenomena, order-to-order, order-to-disorder transitions, polymer dynamics, and polymer synthesis.

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