New NO product reduces diabetic pain

The Swedish medtech company Nolabs has announced that it has achieved an important milestone in the development of a new line of products.
In these producs a topical administration of nitric oxide has the potential becoming a new treatment concept for neuropathic pain in diabetics.

Nolabs develops innovative nitric oxide-containing medical devices based on the Nitrosense Technology. The core concept of Nitrosense Technology is combining an innovative substance and an innovative delivery system to create products for local delivery of nitric oxide. The company uses a system for local delivery of nitric oxide to different parts of the body. The major advantages of the Nitrosense Technology lie in the ability to deliver well-defined amounts of pure nitric oxide over shorter as well as longer time periods.

Significant unmet clinical need for diabetic patients and more than 200 million people suffer from diabetes globally. Peripheral diabetic neuropathy is one of the most common late complications, almost 40 per cent. It is frequently associated with pain, involving predominantly the lower limbs.

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