Medtech companies find new beam technique

The medtech companies Raysearch and Nucletron expand collaboration with two new solutions for radiation treatment planning.
The Swedish medtech company Raysearch Laboratories and the Dutch company Nucletron have extended their existing collaboration with two new treatment planning solutions for radiation therapy. According to a new development and license agreement, Raysearch will develop software modules for Model-Based Segmentation and treatment planning of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy, known as VMAT, for Oncentra Masterplan.

VMAT is Nucletron's multimodality treatment planning system. It is a relatively new and advanced form of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, IMRT, in which the target is continuously irradiated while the source of the beam rotates around the patient in single or multiple arcs. This concept enables faster treatment delivery compared to traditional IMRT, where the patient is irradiated only from a few selected angles. At the same time, treatment quality remains similar or can be improved compared with traditional IMRT. The new VMAT treatment planning solution will be integrated in the Oncentra Optimizer module of Masterplan.

Model-Based Segmentation facilitates the segmentation process when three-dimensional models of the tumor and surrounding organs at risk are created prior to the treatment planning process. Traditionally this is a very time-consuming task as the contours are outlined manually.

The new Model-Based Segmentation software module uses three-dimensional organ models that automatically adapt to patient image data. Combined with highly intuitive interactive tools, this solution has the potential to significantly decrease the time spent on segmentation and also improve consistency in the process. The Model-Based Segmentation solution will be integrated in the Oncentra Anatomy module of Masterplan and will be useful for treatment planning of both external radiation therapy and brachytherapy.

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