Woman deficit in Swedish research

The IP firm Awapatent will soon launch its Innovation Barometer 2009. This year Awapatent reveals that the statistics is even worse, compared to last year.
The lack of woman in the Swedish research and development sector has become clear in Awapatent's previous Innovation Barometer. But Awapatent will show in the coming Innovation Barometer 2009 that it has been worse.

Last year 31 per cent of the Swedish research and development chiefs had no female employed at any of their departments. This year, the corresponding number is 43 per cent. The number of companies with many female employees within the research and development sector is also fwere than last year. There are only 40 per cent women or more at 15 per cent of the Swedish research and development departments. The corresponding number last year was 20 per cent. The lack of woman is more extend in the small companies.

The report from Awapatent also shows that the woman representation differs from one field to another. Companies active in the biotech and chemistry fields have a more even division between male and female employees than companies in, for example, the IT and telecom fields.
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