Metabolic pro heads prefect post

The dean of the Department of Biomedicine at the Sahlgrenska Academy has appointed a new assistant prefect.
The new prefect of the Department of Biomedicine is Claes Gustafsson. He succeeded Anders Oldfors on January 1st. Claes Gustafsson is professor in medical chemistry since the turn of this year. He defended his thesis at the University of Gothenburg in 1995. After that he worked as post-doc at the Stanford University in California. The last eight years, he has worked at Karolinska Institutet, and was appointed as chief of the department of metabolic diseases in Huddinge in 2005.

Claes Gustafsson leads a research team that is focusing on how gene expressions in eukaryotic cells. His research team has also studied how mitochondria release energy through a process known as cellular respiration. It is a chemical process inside each mitochondrion that results in the production of the cell's energy currency, the molecule ATP.

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