Less scars with new product

A new Swedish product for post surgical scar formation enters clinical development.
Pharmasurgics, a Swedish biotechnology company, has received approval from the Swedish Medical Product Agency to proceed to phase I clinical documentation with the novel candidate drug, PXL01, indicated for post-surgical adhesion prevention. The clinical program will be initiated in March.

Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that connect anatomic structures that should not normally be connected. These develop when the body’s repair mechanisms respond to tissue injury as the result of surgical trauma. Adhesions form after almost any type of surgery and are a significant source of post-surgical complications for millions of patients, a major burden for surgeons and a great economic load on the healthcare systems.

Currently the problem does not have any satisfying solution and there is a great need for new products. Pharmasurgics patented drug candidate PXL01 has demonstrated an excellent effect and safety profile in preclinical studies and the first clinical trial on patients are planned to start in the end of 2009. Pharmasurgics goal is to be the first to market with a pharmacological product for the prevention of post-surgical adhesions.
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