Test if you carry the fat virus

In a soon future there may be a quick and simple test that could show if you are infected with Ad-36, a human adenovirus that can make you over-weight.
A number of scientists have over the last years worked hard to find out more about the possible link between the human adenovirus Ad-36 and obesity. The first signs were published in 2002. A study from Wayne University showed that Ad-36 promoted weight gain in male rhesus and marmoset monkeys. In the years to follow a number of other studies were published, presenting for example how experimental infection of rats with the Ad-36-virus improved insulin sensitivity and promoted adipogenesis. Many have also searched for easy to use and cost efficient ways to detect the virus.

New Swedish research now indicates that there may soon be a home diagnostic tool, offering an over the counter means for everyone to find out if they carry the virus. Scandivir, a subsidiary of Scandinavian Clinical Nutrition reports promising results from a pilot study on a method to study samples of human serum. The samples were compared with standard methods for measuring antibody activity, and both methods showed promising correlation. The company will now study the results further. The next step will be the development for a test for professional use, which will be followed by R&D work on a test kit for use at home. Scandivir was founded in 2008 to focus entirely on Ad-36.
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