Swedish top scientists to EMBO

Two Swedish top scientists will have a really good chance to influence European life science research from now on. One is from the Karolinska Institutet, and one is from the University of Uppsala.
Camilla Sjögren, Karolinska Institutet och Leif Andersson, Uppsala University have both been elected new members of the European Molecular Biology Organization, EMBO. The organization works as an European academy for the molecular life sciences, promoting excellence in Europe through targeted programmes and activities. The organization was established in 1964. During the years since then, the founders and members have been operative in raising the level of biological research in Europe to the highest standards of scientific excellence. An EMBO member also get good opportunities to influence the research policies in Europe.

EMBO currently have 1,300 members in Europe and 80 associate members from the rest of the world. All EMBO members are prominent researchers in their respective fields. As many as 48 of them have up until today been honoured with a Nobel Prize. A EMBO member is appointed for his or her lifetime, and a member has the prerogative to nominate new members. An EMBO member may also suggest topics for conferences and workshops, and participate in evaluation of applications submitted to the organization.
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