Faster sales but less profits for Probi

The probiotic company increases its turnover, and the net results are twice as large as last year.
New deals in the fourth quarter of the year added to the sales increase for the Lund based probiotic company. New partnerships were signed for the lactobacillic bacteriae Lp299v as food ingredient, in Belgium and Spain. The net sales for the whole fiscal year amounted to SEK 68 million, a good jump up from last years SEK 43.6 million. The total revenue of the year was SEK 69.4 million, whereof most was royalties.

The results after tax for the last year were, however, decidedly smaller for Probi than last year, just SEK 8 million, compared to SEK 24.5 million last year. Per share this lands at SEK 0,85, a mere fourth of last year’s profit of SEK 2,62 per share. The cash flow was quite stable for Probi, SEK 13.9 million for this fiscal year, compared to SEK 13 million for the last. Among the most important things this year was the positive results from the clinical study program for Lp299v as treatment for ordinary cold. Last year Probi was also rewarded a research grant of SEK 1.8 million from Vinnova, for a research program on the cardiovascular health effects of probiotics.
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