Life Science Sweden´s international issue is on its way

A new issue of Life Science Sweden is on its way to print, packed with news, interviews and reports.

Car-T therapy is a form of immunotherapy in which white blood cells from cancer patients are extracted from the body to be given a new gene in a laboratory. The immune cells are then reinserted into the body with the ability to fight cancer cells. In the new issue of Life Science Sweden, we go in-depth about this technology that has been practised in Sweden since 2019 and which presents an entirely new way of treating serious diseases.

You can also read our extensive interview with vaccine coordinator Richard Bergström, who recently received an award from Forska!Sverige.

In each issue, Tina Persson, CEO of Passage2Pro and author, will from now give advise on how to move forward in your career in the life science sector. In this issue, she explains how you, who work in the industry, can use LinkedIn in the best way.

As usual, Life Science Sweden includes articles on new medical findings, industry trends and job news, and as always, you will find some of the sharpest columnists in Swedish life science in the magazine. This issue presents columns by Anna Törner, Giulia Gaudenzi, Marie Gårdmark, Petter Hartman and Björn Arvidsson.

The Life Science Industry Guide 2022 is included in the magazine.

I hope you will enjoy this issue!

Samuel Lagercrantz,


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