Now it’s settled: The International Vaccine Institute will be located in Stockholm

The International Vaccine Institute, IVI, is establishing itself outside South Korea for the first time. Last week, the Swedish Parliament ratified the agreement, which means that a branch of the institute will be located in Stockholm.

Earlier this month, a decision was made in the Swedish Parliament that the International Vaccine Institute will establish its European office in Stockholm.

The International Vaccine Institute, IVI, which is associated with the WHO, will locate its European office in Stockholm. To date, the institute is only located in the host country of South Korea.

In December, Sweden and IVI wrote a letter of intent with the aim to establish an office in Europe, located in Stockholm, and today a decision was made in the Swedish Parliament. With its office in Stockholm, IVI aims to become an international hub for research, innovation and collaboration.

IVI was founded in 1997 and is part of the UN’s development programme UNPD. The purpose of the institute’s work is to develop and distribute vaccines to improve global health with a focus on developing countries. 36 of the UN member states are behind the institute, and Sweden has supported the institute with assistance via Sida since 2002.

According to a press release, the European team will work with vaccine research and vaccine development together with public and private players in European countries.

The Swedish government has written on its website that the office will be established in Sweden by September this year.

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