Amorphous materials take centre stage when Orexo develops new formulations

Swift resolution but with maintained stability. Orexo’s new drug delivery platform tackles the problem of amorphous materials. “Our technology has the positive properties of the material, and it also cracks some of the problems,” says the company’s Research and Development Manager Robert Rönn.

Uppsala company Orexo has worked with the development of pharmaceutical formulations ever since it was founded in 1995. Their strategy is to work with already well-known and approved active substances but make new and improved products using their own technology.

Until now, the company has developed three medicines that have been approved on markets in large parts of the world. Orexo’s leading product is Zubsolv, a treatment for opioid addiction, which is commercialised in-house in the US and via Accord Healthcare in the EU. In recent years, the company has been working on the development of a new drug delivery platform called Amorphox.

“It is an amorphous, powder-based formulation technology that possesses the positive properties of amorphous materials. They are, for example, a swift dissolution rate, which is particularly important when administering via, for example, the nose where there is a small amount of liquid available for powder dissolution,” says Robert Rönn.

A disadvantage of amorphous materials is that they are sensitive by nature. However, according to Orexo, they have managed to make their formulation chemically as well as physically stable.

The unique properties of Amorphox have contributed to the development of Orexo’s advanced project against opioid overdoses, a nasal powder called OX124, for which the company has high hopes. The plan is to submit a registration application to the American pharmaceutical authority FDA during this year.

The need is enormous. According to the latest statistics, over 100,000 people in the US died of overdoses in the last 12-month period, according to Robert Rönn.

“This is a huge problem caused by the extensive prescription of opioid-based painkillers 10-20 years ago.”

On 6 September, Robert Rönn will reveal more about Orexo’s formulation technology at the event New Updates in Drug Formulation and Bioavailability, which is organised by Life Science Sweden.

“I have learned that several other speakers will talk about amorphous drug formulations, which is a “hot” technology with many advantages and great opportunities, but also several challenges. I’m looking forward to it.”

New Updates in Drug Formulation and Bioavailability 2022

When: 6 September.

Where: Medicon Valley Alliance Copenhagen/Orestad.

Cost: Free entrance, but online registration is required.

Moderator: Korbinian Lsbmann (University of Copenhagen).

Organizer: Life Science Sweden in collaboration with Medicon Valley Alliance.

On the speaker list: Can Araman (Merck), Anna Runnsjö (Zelmic), Niall Hodgins (Seranovo), Robert Rönn (Orexo), Vito Foderà (University of Copenhagen), Thomas Rades (University of Copenhagen), Charlotta Liljebris (Xspray Pharma), Orest Lastow (Iconovo), Anna Fureby (NextBioForm), Jan Neelissen (DMPK Advisory Services).

Website: formulationsbioavailability.com

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