The pandemic caused a reshuffle among the world’s vaccine giants – here is the new top list

Fuelled by the pandemic, the power balance in the global vaccine market has completely changed in recent years, a survey from Fierce Pharma shows

When the news site made a 2017 ranking of the five biggest players in the vaccine field, based on their vaccine sales, Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) topped the list, followed by Merck & Co (MSD) and Sanofi.

None of these companies are in the top four on the new list that was just published for 2021. Pfizer is now topping the list with vaccine sales of nearly USD 43 billion, of which sales of the company’s mRNA vaccine against Covid-19, which was approved in December 2020, accounted for almost USD 37 billion.

Pfizer’s covid vaccine partner, German Biontech, is in second place with vaccine sales totalling just over USD 22 billion.

In third place is China’s Sinovac, whose Covid-19 vaccine Coronavac strongly contributed to almost quadrupling sales compared to the previous year, to over USD 19 billion. Next on the list is Moderna, which, due to its mRNA vaccine Spikevax, achieved sales of USD 17.6 billion.

In the compilation, Fierce Pharma has used the companies’ own data and, where necessary, has converted foreign currencies into USD according to the average exchange rate for 2021.Top ten list of vaccine sales in 2021 (2017 ranking in parentheses)

Top ten list of vaccine sales in 2021 (2017 ranking in parentheses)

1 (4) Pfizer USD 42.63 billion
2 (-) Biontech USD 22.48 billion
3 (-) Sinovac USD 19.37 billion
4 (-) Moderna USD 17.67 billion
5 (2) Merck & Co (MSD) USD 9.69 billion
6 (1) Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) USD 9.32 billion
7 (3) Sanofi USD 7.45 billion
8 (-) Zhifei USD 4.75 billion
9 (-) Astra Zeneca USD 3.98 billion
10 (-) Johnson & Johnson (Janssen) USD 2.39 billion

Source: Fierce Pharma

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