Bioscience Research through Innovative Technologies

Plats: Aula Medica
Datum: 10 nov > 10. nov 2021

A world without any diseases – science fiction or a reality?
One thing is certain – we are getting closer to it and it starts in the lab with the scientists using the latest cutting edge technologies.

The latest research findings made by scientists at Umeå University shows that some severe cancers can be predicted by biomarkers through a simple blood-test up to 25 years before the disease debuts. Prediction of any disease before symptoms occur, by detecting bio-markers or using next generation gene-sequencing, are two key-factors for creating a world free from any illness. However life style factors are still of great significance for a healthy life.

Some of the topics that will be highlighted:

- The latest in cell biology
- precision medicine
- gene-edtiting/genomics
- AI
- proteomics and fighting SARS-CoV 2 and antimocrobials resistanceare

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