Pharma Outsourcing

Plats: Life City - Solnavägen 3H, Stockholm, Sweden
Datum: 3 dec > 3. dec 2024

How do you outsource in the most effective way? How can you build fruitful collaborations with service providers, in order to move your products forward? With Pharma Outsourcing, the aim is to enable and promote collaborations – within and beyond the borders of your own country.
Pharma Outsourcing features seminars led by experienced professionals who share their main learnings and outsourcing strategies, a busy exhibition with representatives from a wide array of relevant organizations, as well as great partnering facilities with access to private meeting rooms and an online meeting planner where participants can browse and filter among delegates and request 1-2-1 meetings on-site.

Pharma Outsourcing also coincides with our Annual Christmas Reception, which is included for all attendees. This is an exceptional opportunity to mingle with colleagues from the life science sector in the seminar hall and features christmas-themed snacks and beverages, and a delightful christmas atmosphere.

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