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Fast Optical Sectioning of Developing Organisms and Tissue Microstructures

ZEISS Lattice SIM 3 exploits the full potential of the SIM Apotome technology.

ZEISS Lattice SIM 3 is specifically designed to meet the imaging requirements of multicellular organisms and tissue sections. This system exploits the full potential of the SIM Apotome technology: fast optical sectioning at superior quality, large fields of view with access to smaller regions of interest, near-isotropic resolution, and the gentlest super-resolution imaging possible.

- Capture entire model organisms and tissue sections
- Acquire super-resolution images as fast and gentle as widefield images
- Go from a large-field overview to the super-resolution details

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Pair your microscope with arivis

Understand your data completely by utilizing the power of AI for faster, more efficient results with ZEISS arivis. Learn more about the arivis ecosystem here.


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