The Swedish Research Council gets go-ahead for more long-term funding

Following a government decision, the Swedish Research Council will soon be able to approve ten-year grant periods for funding research infrastructure, which may affect the giant Max IV project, among others.

Until now, the Swedish Research Council’s authority has been limited to granting research funding for a maximum of six years, but the authority’s instructions are now being amended. This aims to improve the conditions for long-term planning of resources for certain essential infrastructures in the research area.

The Swedish Research Council has previously expressed to the Government that more long-term funding commitments are required, particularly concerning Max IV, the national laboratory for accelerator physics and research using synchrotron light in Lund, which is a facility that can be of particular benefit to life science research.

“This request for an amendment has been called for from several different sides, as the financing of research infrastructure must be long-term, given the nature of the activities and the need for long-term investments,” says Minister for Education Mats Persson (L) in a press release.

The regulation will enter into force on 12 March 2024.

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