Bio Europe to Stockholm – ”The Swedish ecosystem is now taking the opportunity”

The international life science conference Bio Europe is coming to Sweden for the first time in November. The conference, whose program takes inspiration from ABBA songs, turns 30 this year. "There is great interest in Sweden and Swedish solutions globally," says Anna Redwood from Business Sweden.

Between the fourth and sixth of November, the European life science conference Bio Europe, that is organized by the EBD Group, takes place in Stockholm. The purpose of the conference is to be a meeting place to drive investment and innovation and usually attracts over 5000 participants from around 60 countries. Bio Europe Spring, a somewhat smaller event, has previously been arranged in Sweden, but now the slightly larger conference is taking place on Swedish soil for the first time.

– This is a chance for companies to position themselves, show that they are part of the Swedish life science offer, network, attract international investment and be part of co-creating this platform for future healthcare, medtech and biotechnology, says Anna Redwood , Program Manager Life Science at Business Sweden, to Life Science Sweden.

Business Sweden, together with a number of partners, Stockholm Business Region, Region Stockholm, Business Region Gothenburg, Invest in Skåne, Umeå Municipality, Sweden Bio, Lif, Medtech4Health and Vinnova, will bring together key organizations in Swedish life science under a common flag in a pavilion at the event. The pavilion will offer space for networking and knowledge exchange, and there is room for more companies, both small and large, says Anna Redwood.

A few days ago, the organizers revealed the preliminary program for the conference, which takes inspiration from none other than ABBA's music catalog. The program includes "Take a Chance on Me" Startup spotlight pitch competition, "I Have a Dream" AI for drug discovery and "Money Money Money" Charting the investment landscape: navigating current realities and future horizons on the schedule.

– We have many strong life science clusters that will continue to produce world-class research and innovation. But there is a strong need for capital and then a partnering event like this is of great importance.

Business Sweden works to help Swedish companies to grow globally and to help international companies to invest and expand in Sweden and is owned by both the Swedish state and the private business community.

On site at Bio Europe, Business Sweden will arrange panel discussions and raise important issues.

– It is important to be seen in an international arena and the Swedish ecosystem is now taking the opportunity, says Anna Redwood.

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