New nano professor in Denmark

The Technical University of Denmark has appointed a recognized physicist as a new professor of miniaturized sensors.
Anders Kristensen has been appointed professor of miniaturized sensors and actuators at the Technical University of Denmark’s unit of nanotechnology, where he has been an associate professor since 2001. Before that he researched in the physics of low-dimensional systems at the University of Copenhagen and the University of London.

Anders Kristensen has a Master of Science and a PhD in physics from the University of Copenhagen. His research at the Technical University of Denmark concerns itself partly with advanced sensor systems based on opto-fluidics, partly with the integration of polymer-based nano-photonics in lab-on-a-chip micro-systems.

In connection with this research, Anders Kristensen has introduced nanoimprint technology at the Technical University of Denmark and in Denmark. His research in nanoimprint technology has received wide support from both EU framework programs and Danish programs, which has led to a large number of internationally recognized research results over the years. In 2006 Anders Kristensen's research also creating the company NIL Technology.

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