Biogaia's advance goes on

In December Biogaia reached China and North America. Now, the Swedish probiotic company has entered the Mexican market.
The Swedish probiotic sompany Biogaia's subsidiary Capable has licenced the rights to use Lifetop Cap with Reuteri to the Mexican bottled water company Aqua Scandik. Lifetop Cap is a bottle closure, which has been developed to create unique shelf stable probiotic drinks. The principle is built on the fact that sensitive ingredients that cannot be included in the drink are placed in a protective container in the cap and are first mixed in the drink at the time of consumption.

Aqua Scandik, who via local franchisees produces and distributes bottled water throughout the whole of Mexico, will launch water with three different flavours with Biogaia's probiotic L. reuteri. The products will be sold under the name Bio Scandik. Due to the rather extensive registration work for L. reuteri, Aqua Scandik expects to launch the products at the beginning of 2010.
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