Swedish nanotech crosses the Atlantic

Genovis signs distribution agreement Finnzymes in US.
The Swedish biotech company Genovis, which works within the nanoparticle field, is now sharing its promotional activity with, and transferring its US-based logistical operations to Finnzymes as of Febuary 1st.

Finnzymes is a wholly owned subsidiary of Finnzymes Oy and a distributor of Finnzymes products in North America. Finnzymes Oy, located in Finland and founded in 1986, refines scientific innovations into useful commercial products for molecular biologists and is a leader in the development of PCR, quantitative real-time PCR, transposon and RNA technologies. Their product line includes all components required for PCR: DNA polymerases, PCR instruments and reaction vessels.

Genovis offers new technological solutions in Transfection, RNAi, Imaging, and Antibody Engineering to customers who are performing sophisticated research in pharmaceutical companies and within the academic research community.

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