Collaboration for a simpler production of gene therapies launched

A collaboration between universities and companies aims at providing better production methods for the development of gene therapies. The initiative is led by Johan Rockberg, Professor at KTH.

AAV viruses (adeno-associated viruses) are small viruses that can infect humans without causing disease. Due to this property, the virus arouses great interest in its use as vectors in gene therapies.

KTH now announces that the GeneNova initiative has been launched. The aim is to develop techniques and solutions to facilitate and speed up the production of new drugs based on gene therapy using AAV-based cell therapy. Today, only a small proportion of patients in need of help receive it with AAV-based cell therapy, GeneNova states on its website.

Genenova is led by Johan Rockberg, Director and Professor of protein technology at KTH.

GeneNova is gathering extensive expertise to tackle the challenges in a new way by using expertise ranging from automation and mechanics via artificial intelligence and mathematics to cell and protein engineering, neurology and virology,” he states in a press release.

When we look back five years from now, we hope that we will have contributed many new perspectives, techniques and applications for the production of gene therapies to the great benefit of the patients,” he continues.

Vinnova and several players in the industry are participating as financiers. Researchers from Uppsala University and the Karolinska Institute, together with a number of technology and pharmaceutical companies, are taking part in the initiative. The companies and organisations that are partners to KTH in the collaboration are Alfa Laval, AstraZeneca, Biotage, CombiGene, The Karolinska Institute, Uppsala University, Vironova and Ziccum.

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