He will be the new chair of Medicon Valley Alliance

Niels Abel Bonde is the nomination committee’s proposal and the most likely person to take over as the new chairman of the Swedish-Danish life science cluster organisation Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA).

On 19 April, MVA will hold its general meeting, and the current chairman Søren Bregenholt will hand over the responsibility after about eight years in the post. The most likely person to succeed Bregenholt is Novo Nordisk’s CEO in Sweden, Niels Abel Bonde.

Last week an email was sent to the MVA’s general assembly with an invitation to the cluster organisation’s general meeting. According to the email, Niels Abel Bonde is the only candidate nominated by the nomination committee to take over as the new chairman.

According to David Zepernick, Director of Member Engagement and Communication, Niels Abel Bonde enjoys great support and is now almost certain to become the new chairman.

“With a strong profile from Novo Nordisk as chairman, we can continue to grow and position Medicon Valley and Swedish-Danish life science regionally, nationally and internationally. MVA’s Board is unanimously in favour of Niels taking over, so it is practically certain that he will do so,” he says to Life Science Sweden.

Niels Abel Bonde has been at Novo Nordisk Sweden for twelve years, including six years as CEO, and previously he worked at GSK in Denmark.

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