Novo Nordisk sues compounding pharmacies in the US

Novo Nordisk is suing compounding pharmacies in Florida, USA, because the company claims to have found impurities in the active ingredient in the obesity drug Wegovy.

On Thursday, the Danish pharmaceutical giant stated that it has filed a new lawsuit against two compounding pharmacies, Reuters reports.

The company claims to have found impurities, in some cases up to 33%, in products said to contain the active substance semaglutide.

In products from the compounding pharmacy Brooksville, one of the pharmacies now being sued by Novo Nordisk, the company claims that preparations of the obesity drug Wegovy were less potent than advertised.

In the products from Wells Pharmacy, which is also being sued, Novo Nordisk claims to have found the substance BPC-157, which has been banned from use in formulations by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since September.

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