”We need compatibility“

Penilla Gunther, founder of Fokus Patient and chair of the European Patient Safety Foundation, hopes that the forthcoming life science strategy will focus on efficient and secure management of patient data and equal access to medicines.

In a couple of articles, Life Science Sweden has interviewed representatives of the industry and universities about what they want from the updated life science strategy to be presented by the government.

Penilla Gunther, who has a patient perspective on the issue, believes that Sweden, among other things, needs to step up when it comes to the management and accessibility of health and care data.

“With the development at EU level, with My health@EU as an example, we need compatibility between the EU countries in order for citizens to be able to travel between countries carrying their e-prescriptions and a short medical summary on their mobile phones - a feature that Sweden has failed to implement in its 21 regions,” she writes in an email comment.

She also calls for an effective process for implementing the innovations in healthcare that Sweden excels at. According to Penilla Gunther, life science companies are frustrated with the introduction of new medicines and MedTech products in Sweden due to the requirements for approval from both TLV and the National Research Council.

“Not only have the companies felt unequally treated, but above all, the patients who do not receive equal treatment within the country,” she writes.

She also emphasises the need to improve the conditions for clinical trials in Sweden:

“Providing opportunities for healthcare at all levels to work with clinical studies will also give patients the opportunity to contribute to research and development, which in itself creates a greater awareness of the work of pharmaceutical and MedTech companies.”

In previous articles, Life Science Sweden has interviewed the industry organizations Swedish Medtech and Lif – the research-based pharmaceutical industry and the universities Karolinska Institutet and Sahlgrenska Academy respectively – about their views on the upcoming national life science strategy.

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