A platform for dialogue

As a step towards connecting the life science industry in Denmark, Biologue was founded three years ago with 10 member companies. Today, the network has 40 members and a very busy event calender.
Biologue is the result of an agreement signed in 2005 by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

and the University of Copenhagen.

“We were founded to strengthen public-private collaboration and to optimise the national frame conditions for making Danish biomedical and biotechnology research and business

flourish,” says Per Spindler, Director of Biologue.

Biologue is a Copenhagen-based life science partnership consortium, in particular focusing on biobanks, bioimaging technologies, animal models, and clinical research. The purpose is to create a platform where member companies and people on the Danish life science scene in general, and

from these areas in particular, get the opportunity to meet. Biologue is open to all private companies engaged in biotechnology reasearch and development. Last year, the network had almost 40 members, compared to ten members in the beginning.

Meetings in real life

“The only requirement before joining us is to share our common interest in the enhanced development of the biotech, medtech and health sectors,” Per Spindler states.

The members of Biologue get in touch with each other through an expert search engine and a bioimaging technology database on the network’s webpage. Biologue also arranges innovative symposia and workshops, where members can meet each other in real life. The members can also take

part in Biologue’s educational and training initiatives.

“We have a great number of projects running. A highly topical one is the web platform the Nordic Baltic Expat Forum. We are also working to establishlarger European-scaled collaborations and partnering missions with Israel,” Per Spindler tells.

Contributes to the national scene

Biologue is anchored in academia with support from and outreach to participating hospitals, the Danish Medicines Agency, the pharma and biotech industries. The main partners from academia are the University of Copenhagen and the Technical University of Denmark. The hospital partner is the Capital Region of Copenhagen. Associated partners

include the University of Lund via the Centre for Research on Pharmaceuticals Research Institutes, the Danish Center for Breast Cancer, Copenhagen Capacity, Eurocenter, Ministry for Science Technology & Innovation, and Pharmadanmark.

“We have gained lots of partners since 2005. On top of this, Biologue, together with the bioinformatics and system biology network Biosys, recently became appointed part of the new infrastructure for the innovation system in Denmark, responsible for biomedicine and biotechnology. This

appointment shows both the quality and significance of our contribution on the national life science scene,” concludes Per Spindler.
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